Why choose BBKA

Our classes and training will prepare you for your daily mental battles: whether in an office, hospital or clinic, classroom, home, field or court. Our goal is to equip you with the skills and attitude to compete at the highest level – regardless of what game you play.

Trusted & Well Reviewed

Since 2015 , BBKA has made a name for itself in the Bethesda community. BBKA is a community gym that welcomes all ages and experience levels. We have a strong track record to taking students with no previous experience and building up their skills and confidence. All are welcome at BBKA. We teach kids, teens, people 20-30 something and people 40 to 50 and older. Our instructors take pride in our track record of taking beginners and progressing them to intermediate students, as well as moving intermediate students into the ranks of advanced students. We cherish the opportunity of meeting the needs of the majority of our new students, who come to us with no or limited previous experience. Many of the first-time students taking their first introduction class, have commented that they were intimidated when they walked in for their first class. But upon meeting our knowledgeable and instructors and members, they quickly feel at home and voice a confidence about what they can accomplish as a part of the Bethesda Boxing and kickboxing Academy.

Our Gym

At just 3,000 square feet in size, our gym is divided into three studios. Our back studio comes equipped with 26 heavy punching bags and speed bags The gym floors are covered with a high impact rubber matting that absorbs the shock from running and jumping. During the warm months, we make use of our outdoor space. We offer strength training and agility drills, while communing with nature. Storage cubicles and lockers are available for students to store their gym bags & street clothing while attending classes. We also offer two dressing rooms.

Our Members

There is no average profile for members of the BBKA community. They range in age from 5 to 88 and the population leans toward a higher percentage of women than men. The common thread that binds our community is the desire to be better tomorrow than we are today - the drive for improvement. New people quickly find out that instruction does not only come from instructors, from their fellow class mates as well. It’s an amazing process to see a new prospect start off knowing very little to nothing about boxing and kickboxing and in a matter of months, show measurable improvement in the execution of their basic skills. It is through the process of instructors teaching students and experienced students demonstrating their skills to new students, that BBKA becomes a tightly knit gym community.

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