Position : Owner

Ken is a former college athlete, played football for the University of Michigan between 1979-1983, where he received a BA General Studies and played in two Rose bowls under legendary Coach Bo Shembeckler.

Ken received his Masters in Policy analysis and finance in 1985 from the New School for Social Research in NY. His most relevant experience includes spending 19 years working for Standard and Poor’s as a Director of municipal bond finance, where he developed a successful bottom line oriented management style. In a moment of clarity he decided to leave his current position as the Associate Treasurer of Debt and Grant for the Office for the Chief financial officer of the District of Columbia, to manage marketing and financial operation of this and other ventures full time. Ken spent so much of his downtime in gyms, he decided that there was no better way channel passion for fitness and team building then to merge it with his practical experience in finance and open a specialized boxing/kickboxing gym.

Meet Other Trainers

"You have to set goals and expect things of yourself and put those expectations to a challenge before you achieve your goals." ~Michael Jordan

Michaela began learning boxing and kickboxing here at BBKA. While still fairly new to the sport, she just experienced her first fight, and is a great instructor to go to for both beginning and intermediate boxers and kickboxers.  
    Julie is a former gymnast who was introduced to martial arts over 20 years ago. She has a degree in vocal performance and originally pursued a career in opera. For the past 6 years she has intensely trained in kickboxing, most recently with WKA national kickboxing champion Greg Sheppard. Julies specialty is teaching beginners kickboxing. She has the reputation of being tough, but warm, friendly and patient with all members. She represents an important addition to the BBKA Staff.
      Shihan Khalil Abdullah began his Sanuces-Ryu Jiu Jitsu training in 1999 and opened Mushin Combat in 2012. He is dedicated to spreading the art with respect and tradition. Visit mushincombat.com/instruction for more info.