Specialty : Martial Arts

Shihan Khalil Abdullah began his Sanuces-Ryu Jiu Jitsu training in 1999 and opened Mushin Combat in 2012.

He is dedicated to spreading the art with respect and tradition. Visit mushincombat.com/instruction for more info.

Meet Other Trainers

"You have to set goals and expect things of yourself and put those expectations to a challenge before you achieve your goals." ~Michael Jordan

Rafael Medrano is has been involved in Boxing and Kickboxing for the last 15 years both as a student and as an instructor. He has dedicated himself to helping other learn the science and art of boxing and Kickboxing. When he is not teaching, he is training to keep himself shape and competitive. Rafael has quickly become one of our studios favorite instructors. He teaches Boxing , Kids boxing as well as Kickboxing at many different time slots. Rafael is also available to teach one on one sessions with members and prospects. If you are interested in learning more about his classes or his personal training sessions and prices, please contact the gym and we will connect you with him.
    Julie is a former gymnast who was introduced to martial arts over 20 years ago. She has a degree in vocal performance and originally pursued a career in opera. For the past 6 years she has intensely trained in kickboxing, most recently with WKA national kickboxing champion Greg Sheppard. Julies specialty is teaching beginners kickboxing. She has the reputation of being tough, but warm, friendly and patient with all members. She represents an important addition to the BBKA Staff.
      A Brazilian, Kleber started his career in martial arts in judo in 1965 and then was a wrestler and jiu-jitsu fighter, and in 1987 began as boxing fighter. In boxing he became a fighter and coached professional fighters. He is also referee and judge, and is currently accredited by the Rio de Janeiro State Boxing Federation, Fluminense Boxing Federation, Brazilian Boxing Confederation and USA Boxing. As Boxing Coach, since 2000 he has worked at Raff Giglio Boxing School (Vidigal-RJ-Brazil) and participated in several Social Projects in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil's favelas, and has been judge in the title of the Brazilian Professional Boxing Championship held in the city of Magé - Rio de Janeiro Brazil in 2001 by Rio de Janeiro State Boxing Federation. He Participated as athlete in International Marathons of 1979, 1983, 1990, 1997 and 2004 all held in the city of Rio de Janeiro-Brazil. He has been Vice President of the Rio de Janeiro State Boxing Federation and was President of the Fluminense Boxing Federation 4 management periods.