Wellness / Fitness/ Team Building

Bethesda Boxing and Kickboxing Academy (BBKA)  gym space and instructors are  available to host  group Special Events for your company, school or organization.  The gym is available to host Wellness / Fitness / Introduction to Kickboxing/  Boxing and Team building events.


Group Sizes

The gym space is large enough to accommodate groups up to 40 people, utilizing three separate  gym space in our 3,000 square foot facility.  Our minimum group size is 10 people. Special Event classes can be scheduled around multiple disciplines  including: Kickboxing , Boxing or Functional Strength training  Skills, or a combination of these.


Lead Time

We require a  minimum of 3 to 4 week notice to plan most events.
We can plan smallish events with as little as 2 weeks lead time– for a additional fee.



We will supply your group with all of the equipment  that participants will need, gloves, hand wraps , bottles of water.   We can also provide your team with T-shirts ( requires advance notice 1 month.)  memorializing the event.  All participant must fill out the attached waiver.



The cost associated with Special Events depends on a number of factors:

  • Lead time
  • Number of people attending
  • Prices generally range from $45 per to $65 per participant
  • Items such as T-shirts will add about $15 to the cost  per participant


Client History

  • Boston Consulting
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Holton Arms – middle school girls
  • Lead4Life – Non Profit
  • Mysa School Bethesda middle and high school kids


Please e-mail or call the gym and ask for Ken to get answers to questions or to check availability.

Gym number: 301-656-3098